Maumee river

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    I know quite a few people who just tear the flats up on this river...smokin joe catches them like crazy...I am glad to see cpr practiced on the flats from what I read.

    This seems the best inland river in the state for flats, anyone know whY?

    I have never saw this river how does it compare in size to the muskkingum?

    I will never fish it to far away, just wish I lived closer.
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    i also am not from that area but man the way it gets talked about i wish i was..:smile2::wink:..

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    Shelbyville, TN
    I have never been there either. I hope to fish all of the major water bodies in Ohio someday. Good luck to all.

    Flathunter, how's that back doing?
  4. x smokin joe

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    The Maumee is approximatly 70 miles from the state line to lake Erie. There are places where it is 20 feet deep and as shallow as you can walk across in places and not get any wetter than your ankles. Above the Providence dam is water skiers and tubers.
    There are 3 dams In that 70 mile stretch, that I know of, Providence dam, Independance dam, and what they call the power dam. Providence in Grand Rapids and the other 2 in Defiance.The Tiffin river and the Auglaize Both flow into the Maumee at Defiance.
    Boat ramps are few and far between, as well as fishing spots. In Lucas county most public access is owned by the county and they do run you out at dark.
    The Maumee used to be the best smallmouth spot in the state. A good day you could go out and catch 50-100 in a few hours, not small ones but in the 2-6 pound range. Then it started making headlines and magazine articles. Now there are strict restrictions on smallmouth and you have to work hard to catch 5-10 a day.
    The Maumee is most known for the walleye and white bass runs in the spring. I used to do the walleye thing but got tired of standing elbow to elbow while fishing. We have a great channel population. On a good night I can go out and and get several channels over 10lbs and pick a few up over 15 with an occasional channel over 20. I caught a 27 lb channel inn the Maumee.
    Most people forget about the Maumee once the walleye run is over and I'm happy with that. I moved here 20 years ago and have spent that 20 years learning the river and there are not many spots I haven't been.
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    It maybe on of the best inland rivers because it was some what of a secret until about 5 to 7 years ago.I have been fishing flatheads on the Maumee since 1996. When I first started I neve senn anyone else fishing for flatheads.Then about two years later their was a hand full of guy's.Plus their isn't much public acess .And alot of what is ,is owned by towns and they run you out after dark.The banks are mostly high and steep making for less acess.It's about the same as the Muskingum in size.And their is no way around are lowhead dams by boat.By the way the Power dam is on the Auglaize river.Man I love this river! My buddy and I fish together every time and have yet to go fishless this year.We have been out ten times and have got 90 flatheads so far .Total wieght of 1222lbs biggest 5 are 43,39,35,33,32 lbs.Best night we got 17 flatties. Hope your back is feeling better Jack. Good Luck and keep fishin.
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    the maumee is 130 miles long starting in Fort wayne, Ind., what i find interesting is that the elevation in Ft Wayne is 750 feet and ends up at
    571 feet in Maumee, which explains the good current. i fish west of Defiance , so i dont know the river east of that, never seen the Muskingum to compare the sizes