Maumee River

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    Went out last night night and tried to get a few fish. the only thing we got was cold but was worth it. We hit the water about 7:30 and stayed till 3:30. Had 1 run but he musta not had it good. Water temp in the Maumee is 50 degrees where we were behind the dam. Water was up when we got there and went up almost 2 feet while we were there for a total of 5 ft above normal. The 1 run I had was on a bluegill fished 12 inches below a balloon in the mouth of a feeder creek.
    Was the first trip out on the boat this year and all the high water washed away most of my old log jams and stumps so it's going to take a while to find newones. The river givith a fishing spot and the river taketh away a spot.