Maumee River

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    I'm taking my daughter and father fishing this week on the river, was wondering if the boat launch on the low side of the dam was the little ramp that looks like a worn path in the bank. Or is there anohter one like the big one about a mile before the State park entrance.
    Where would be the best place to catch some Flats? Could someone please steer me in the right direction,LOL. I dont have a fish finder on my boat so its a bit difficult to find holes. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Leiter
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    st. marys, oh
    I believe if you are taking about a boat ramp after the Independence dam you would have to go to Napoleon. I don't think there is a ramp in between the two. It is a nice ramp but is a lot steeper than the Ind. one. There is also one in defiance that looks like it would stink to use. As far as flats, look for structure and fish it. Last year it was a no brainer but this year has been awful. . Live gills and cut shad seem to produce the same results. Some swear by chubs but havent used them enough to say they work any better. Good luck and let us know how ya do