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Discussion in 'Hunting Gear Talk' started by illinoiscatfish, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. illinoiscatfish

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    im thinking about getting a new bow and have been looking at getting the new mathews monster what do u think of them are they quiet, accurate, ect... ????? i want to hear all ur thoughts on them before i go and buy a bow
  2. dieselcat

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    Washington, Mis
    Here is a thought you don't want to hear!I wouldn't buy it but i don't like mathews bows.they are not comfortable to me.I have looked at the monster at my local bow shop,they are big and bulky IMO,i think thats why it called MONSTER,lol.Good luck picking your new bow hope you get what you want even if it is a bulky MONSTER.

  3. scooter079

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    i have always shot martin but i have fooled around with a monster and it did not feel to bad just remember speed is not everything at all. more than anyting the bow has to be comfortable to u and stealth is big to i know a guy on the oki outdoors pro staff and his bow is only shooting about 260 fps because it feels good to him and its one of the most quiet bows you will ever hear. and my opinion dont fall for all the mathews hoopla they are great bows but have even better advertising and high prices to go with it. try out all the bows you can and see what fits you best
  4. bigcatman

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    Ashville, Ohio
    my buddy he has this bow and likes it killed alot of deer with it this year but is not likin the bow to use for huntin he says its just not comfortable to him and i dont like it cause its a big bow even though my diamond is 34 and a half inchs the monster shoots like 100 fps faster then my bow i like mine over my buddy mathews cause its comfortable and quiet. thats why i got a diamond over getting a methews. if you really wont a mathews look into a dernalin or switchback or the new rezeen them are the best bows they got in my opinion