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    Last week I went out looking for a nice, used truck. I found one that I liked and negotiated a really good deal. The salesman was only in his early or mid twenties, but he was very knowledgable about vehicles. After finalizing the numbers, I said "I'll call you tomorrow morning - I need to clear things with my wife". He looked at me with this blank stare. I tried to ease the tension by saying "I can do whatever I long as my wife gives me permission". Again, the same blank stare. I chuckled and followed that up with "I am the Master of the house....when my wife's not at home". Again, the same blank stare. I finally blurted out, "you're not married, are you?" He replied "No. Why?" Ahhh....the ignorance of youth.

    Well, I got the wife's permission and bought the truck. As I pulled into our driveway and honked the horn to let my wife know I was home, I became a little nervous since she had never actually seen the truck. She came out, smiled, and gave me a big hug. She thanked me for getting rid of her old piece of junk car ($500 trade in) and asked for the truck keys. As she is driving the truck around town and telling me how much she loves it, she turns to me and asks, "So - when are you going to buy me a boat?" Yep, I think I'll keep her.........:wink:
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    lucky dog my wife wants a vw and she dont fish.

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    Just remember,
    Donna and I do the majority of our purchases unilaterally (together) but for some reason, she prefers I NOT help her shop for her clothes. Seems that my tastes and hers don't match. Go figure.
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    Aaron you got a keeper in that gal. I wouldn't be surprised that once you get the boat, she will learn to pull/back and be a big helper. :lol: :smile2: