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Mason's Carp Bait

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Original post made by Mason Yang(Xevious) on April 3, 2004

I used to use Wheaties and mashed up balls of wonder bread, but the last few years I've been using RyKrisp crackers. It's a whole grain cracker that is very convient to carry and use. I find them in the grocery where the fancy health crackers are displayed. I wouldn't eat them unless I was stranded somewhere, but carp really seem to like them.

Just take a cracker and totally submerge it in water, then shake off any excess. Squeeze it and work until it is thoroughly mixed, then mold it around the hook. Each cracker makes about a 1" ball.

The Sesame flavor seems to be the type to use. I've also noticed that molding a ball will reduce chicken liver smell that might be on your hands.

If your reel(s) are not set to feed line, make sure you secure your rods!! I've provided entertainment for my buddies, and had some nice bruises diving after rods in the past.
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