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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Fishmaster1203, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Fishmaster1203

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    I've had really good luck with Red Fox urine. I use it on my boots before I walk in. I've had lot's of deer sniff my trail and not get alarmed. I've also had several foxes follow it right up to the tree I was sitting in.
  2. derbycitycatman

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    I think that stuff works great. Ive had similar things happen to me too. One year I put fox urine on 3 or 4 cotton balls and threw them in front of the tree stand. I had about 5-6 maybe more greys rolling around on them and playing, pretty cool watching them. I wish I had a camera, ive never had it happen since.

  3. billNpam

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    I have two stands in different places that have cattle so I just walk through a cow pattie when I leave the truck works great. But in another spot I use Fox pee also.
  4. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I have done what Bill has and I use regular scents in the area. Black Walnuts, Pine, Persimmons, Pecans, Apples and ??? I will pull the fruit if it is very scented or snap off some pine needles and rub them lightly on my clothes. If I am going to get into a stand with pine I may snap a few small sticks to let the scent out. I have not used any other cover scents and I have pretty good luck with about anything I hunt. I have even been lucky enough to kill a Coyote with a pistol at about 30yds and there was a chipmunk once that sat on my boot for about a minute looking around. That was about the coolest thing I have seen while hunting as I got to watch him and he stayed around me for about an hour and even searched under my legs as I sat on the ground under that cypress tree. He even q'd me in on some deer and a turkey as he would stop suddenly and watch a specific area.
  5. dust777man

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    Have had similar results. Several foxes have followed the trail to my stand.
  6. WylieCat

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    If only it were that simple.

    Scents are designed to attract hunters more than deer. You see, deer don't have money and hunters do! :wink:

    A deer's nose it so much more sensitive than we can understand. It is not whether they can smell you, but more a question of if they are going to be spooked by what they smell. Scent suits, cover scents, and scent killing sprays may help some, but when you are dealing with a nose like a deer has they really don't eliminate the smell of the human.

    The biggests thing is that they give the hunter confidence, and that means a lot. :wink:
  7. river scum

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    i stomp and scuff my boots on walnuts that are on the ground. i bet my boots(rubber) still smell like them from last
  8. doug300wsm

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    North Carolina
    I used to do that, but I started wearing the tall 16" rubber boots and spraying the bottoms with scent killer spray. I feel like I leave no odor at all then.