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    I tried some new stuff this year, and using small marhmallows to provide some floatation to small minnows on a hook. Sometimes the marshmallow was gone but not the minnow so one day walking thru a store I saw some strawberry marshmallows. I tried some and caught a bullhead, and went to where i usually fish and put a half one on the hook. I caught a pretty good sized one. Another thing I do is put them in a ziplock bag with some garlic powder. Keeping them on the hook is the hard part. Sometimes the fish suck them off the hook and don't get caught.
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    Thanks for the info and the tip. I have been seeing alot about marshmalows lately..................might have to give it a try

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    Try tying a bolie knot like they use for carp. You can see one on Youtube and maybe even in our members library of wisdom. You can wrap thread around them, put them in a piece of panty hose material, I'm sure one of these will work. Let us know how it goes. Thanks for the catfishing post.
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    I've been using a cornmeal mush boilie with marshmallow and molasses. Been doing very well with it on both carp and cats.

    1/2 cup cornmeal &
    1/2 cup water mix to make slurry.
    Add to 11/2 cups boiling water in small pan
    stir for 5 minutes as it cooks, the cornmeal gets very thick and sticky and will scorch.

    As the cornmeal starts getting done add a couple of handfuls of marshmallows and stir them in, along with a shot of molasses. 1 - 2 tablespoons. (I just pour a slurp and look at the color as it mixes.)

    Remove from heat, add 1/2 cup flour, and start working into the cornmeal. As it cools and gets thicker, you can dump it out of the pan onto a floured board. Continue to kneed and work flour into it until it gets very stiff and not so tacky so you can roll it without it constantly sticking to your hands. I usually end up with about a cup of flour total that I kneed into it.

    I divide mine in half at this point. Put one chunk in a sandwich bag and freeze for later. The other half I roll into desired size balls and then boil for about 2 minutes.

    They will be fairly soft as they come out but will harden up nicely.

    I don't dry my balls, I put em into a ziplock back with a little shot of molassis for a while to add another flavor layer. Then after they have soaked in the molassesy take them out of that bag and roll them in a bit of cornmeal in a bowl.

    The molassis and cornmeal extra flavor layers really seem to grab fish's attention. The cornmeal makes them easier to work with also. Then its into a ziplock back and down to the river.

    Caught 6 carp last night in about 2 hours with this recipe.
    Smallest was 3 lbs, biggest was 9. Last week picked up a 3.5# channel cat with it as well.

    Makes a nice firm boilie thats easy to slide onto a hook without breaking. Seems to last well in the fridge. And fish really seem to go for it. Maybe its the MarshMallows :)