Markland Dam 7/9

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    Finally took a day off from working and decided to hit the tailwaters of Markland. I caught bait early in the morning and put in on the Ohio and made my way up to the dam face, the water was pretty calm and there was not much output except for the occassional barge. I started fishing with a topwater plug to see what the striper bite was like and ended up with nothing, switched over to live shad drifting and still a big goose egg. I noticed there was alot of fish activity around the surface and I was finally able to see what was causing the pops and rolls on the surface....GAR and tons of them, if I would venture a guess I would say they are spawning right now and driving all the other fish there was tons of gar all over the place. I talked with a couple of bank fishermen and they werent catching anything, not even skips. Maybe I was going about fishing the wrong way but everypole I set out would keep getting nailed by the ever present gar. Still a nice morning out and it beat the snot out of working:wink:

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    Don't know if it would have worked there but sometimes have luck Under the gar w/leeches . The cats will try and gooble up the gar eggs .

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    Sorry to hear about your luck man , we're having that isue up here on the dams right know also . But like you said a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work any time . Nature is beautiful so atleast you had something to injoy . Better luck next time .
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    I've been told before that when the gar are that active and youre catching them... to knock off that armor plating, and cut the gar into chunks and use them as bait.. because the big flatheads are feeding on the small gar. I'm not personally sure on this.. but it was informed to me by a guy who really really really knows his stuff.
    And on another note. I was just out by the dam Tuesday night.. no luck here either. no hits or anything.