Markland Dam 6/6/9

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    Went out this morning to Markland, should have checked the report from the corp of engineers first...they were putting out some serious water. I was planning on catching some bait at the dam but with the water so swift and high I had to cast a sabiki from shore for skipjack, which took me an hour to catch 4:confused2:. The river is muddied up and the drift is about 8 mph, I did manage to catch a 7 pound flat while drifting, other than that I lost more weights than I want to repour this weekend. If I had to do it all over again I would hit a lake or go further down stream away from the dam.

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    I was out there Friday night. I have about the same report. Had a really hard time catching bait because of the swift current and even then there wasnt much activity. Think Ill try the backwaters a little more this week.