Mark Twain Lake weekend trip review

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    Ok..So we started off at the re-regulated dam..The current was like a river..I wasn't pre-pared tackle wise to deal with that.(They had the dam opened up for most of the day).We moved to Cannon dam,and walked down as far as we could walk away from the dam..I was using goldfish about the size of a small sunfish ( 2-3 inches)..About an hour into sitting there..My pole started getting some action..Set the hook and pulled in about a 2lb flatty..My first flat ever!! I was like a kid in a candy store..The batteries in my lantern died on us,so we decided to move up on the boat ramp (this was about 11:30 pm).I was getting bites all night on the goldfish,but ultimately only caught the one.My buddy caught a channel cat using worms on a bobber a little less than 2lb size.All in all,we had fun and it was a beautiful night...I am guessing the spawning is slowing everything,so I will give it a few weeks,and will definately head back to MTL..
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    Madison Mo.
    With all the water being up down and letting water out of the lakes. You had a good night of fishing. Congrats on your first flat head.