Mark Twain Lake Fishing Report

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  1. beshears

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    I put out lines Monday noon and then went rod and reel fishing. I caught 4 small Channels and ran my lines before heading home. I had one 8 lb Flathead. Ran lines Tuesday and had three medium channels and one small Blue. Water temp is about 73 and the shad are moving up the rivers. No one I talked to had much luck. Looking forward to trying the Missouri River next week at Katfish Katys.
  2. jlcperformance

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    moberly, missouri
    yeah it really hasnt been all that great for me this year at mark twain. biggest fish was a 17 lb blue on lines and 11lb blue on rod and reel....i take it you r coming to the gathering next weekend at catfish katy's? if you are i will see you there and look forward to meeting you.