Mark Twain Jugging

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    I'm planning a quick jugging trip up to Mark Twain with a friend in search of fillets. I normally only fish the lake for crappie but have caught plenty of cats while doing so--very fun on an ultralight!

    Anyway I'm hoping that someone out here in BOC land will have a little advice with respect to patterns, depth and bait that might help us out on this jugging trip.

    I hear it has been a little slow up there but I'm sure will will find them somewhere. We are staying at Cannon Dam Cabins and will provide a full report when we return!
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    moberly, missouri
    i would use shad off of points in the river channels, have had a lot of luck with channels and blues doing this. have seen some nice fish caught in 20+ ft of water with only a 3-4 ft leader on the jug.

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    Dan I suck at fishing MT! I've never jugged but my friends that do will jug around the the first island by the water treatment plant at boat ramp U. They do well!

    U still coming to the gathering?