Marine Startup/Power Up opinions?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by takirb, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. takirb

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    South Carolina
    I was looking for alternative ways of battery power for night fishing, lights, radio, etc, and came across this at Cabela's. Anyone used these before?

    I figured I'd use the cranking battery that's on the boat now (will charge before use) strictly for cranking, purchase a deep cycle for all other lighting and accessories (i don't own a trolling motor), OR use the Cabela's device to power accessories at night (recharge it during the day). Anyone ever do this? Trying to be play it safe, but without spending too much $$ and time on battery setups before my 1st trip night fishing next month.

    If i use the Cabela's device, it'll be in an easier location to get to and remove for charging and more portable than removing a mounted deep cycle battery. $.02??
  2. JKitterman

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    You would be better off with the separate deep cycle battery. If access is an issue, you could put in fuse protected charging posts in an easy to access area. The remote posts should be fused slightly higher than the charger rate and to protect from shorts. The Cabelas product doesn't really say what its capacity is in amp/hours from the description. Without knowing what your actual electrical load is, it is hard to predict how long or large your batteries need to be.