Marinade recipe for fish jerky

Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by DCcatfisher, Jan 3, 2008.

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    I ordered a new dehydrator from Sears after being without one for a few years and it finally arrived today. I already have a freezer bag full of deer meat that I have already sliced for jerky thawing out and I am going to make it this weekend. While in the process of digging out the deer meat I came across 5 or 6 quart size freezer bags full of crappie filets that I am wanting to make some jerky with. Does anyone have a good recipe for a marinade for this?
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    I tried a marinade on some salmon 1 time and ruined it. I talked to my local butcher and he said to smoke it or use a dry rub. Dont have a smoker and havent tried the dry rub yet.

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    I don't do anything fancy with mine. First, I put in a bunch of soy sauce and/or worstershire sauce (which is mainly soy sauce); add some salt, garlic powder, & liquid smoke; if I want it spicy, I add some pepper. Sometimes I add minced or powdered onion, but usually not. Put the fillets in a ziploc bag (double zips are safest), pour in the marinade, and squish it around real good. Put in fridge overnight or longer. Try to squish the bag some more several times during this period. Remove from liquid, drain, pat dry, and leave in front of a fan to help dry it till a glaze forms over the fillets. Put in oven or dehydrator. Dry at low heat (140-150, max) till it's like you want it. Some folks like it chewy; others what it crunchy. The dryer you make it, the longer it will last. I've had the crunchy jerky last, unrefrigerated, for well over six months.
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    Thanks for the rec. ,Jerry. I never heard of fish jerkey before . Sounds worth a try ,reps after i get reloaded :wink: