Marina Bait for Catching Catfish

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    Unfortunately this will only help those that are near salt water accessable marinas. Lots of fishermen come in after thier day on the bay or out in the ocean and clean thier fish rite there at the tables at the marina. Things like croakers,weakfish, and flounder. Take yourself a big plastic trash bag and a cooler. Gather up any and all carcasses that they are willin to part with. Some keep em for crabbin and what not, but the vast majority of them just toss em in the water for the birds to eat. With a minimum of effort these carcasses can be trimmed down to where you will have a nice meaty bloody gut pocket that will drive cats nuts. I just started doin it this past season and I can tell you its one hell of an effective bait. Its free,its plentifull and it works fine.