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  1. Ehardman

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    LeRoy, KS (On the Neosho)
    Any good source to get good maps of the major lakes and reservoirs? Got a nice one years ago of John Redmond, waterproof and all.


    Neosho River Valley (Catfish Capitol of the World)
  2. Catfish Fever

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    Wside, Mil
    There's a real good one of Milford, also covered with acetate, includes GPS coordinates on it. It's 21X34", has all the old roads, town sites, contour lines, and river and creek channels on it. It shows from the dam to where the river starts North of Wakefield. PM and I'll give you the Ph number and name of the publisher, don't know if I can post it here. I believe they're around 20 buck, that's what it was when a bought one about 5 years ago.

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    Well heres' what I did until I sold the boat and moved. I used satellite photos and just got an idea of the area I was going too. The following site is useful you can even find area 51 and Pearl Harbor. Now of course the only way to date the image is to know a change in land scape EX (new roof color, new road, new pond etc) Any way it a pretty good site kinda like google earth but different.

    Good luck.