Maple river report

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    Ashley, Michigan
    Sorry I haven't been reporting guys (my computer died and cost me $100 to fix!!!:crazy: )

    We fished the maple on June 16th from 9pm to 3:30 am. We ended up with 8 nice channels between my buddy and I. The biggest one pushing 20". We caught them on chicken liver and crawlers. They would bite on liver for a couple hours and then completely leave it alone and only want crawlers.

    On June 23rd, I fished solo on the maple ,near Elsie, and got 2 cats that went 17" and 15". They were both channels and came on liver. I only fished from 9:30pm to 12 am.

    I'm hoping to get out and do some serious flathead fishing this weekend.

    But anyway, that's the maple river report.
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    Sounds like you had a successful outing. Lots of eaters for the freezer or fish fry. Thanks for sharing the report. My aunt and uncle went out to the Maple near Maple Rapids this weekend camping/catfishing but they aren't back yet so I don't know how they did. I'll let you all know if they got a state record flathead.

    Happy fishing,

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    Dern, it brother... you're so close to my house and I feel I am such a jerk for not having invited you on my boat!!!! I cant be like this. This is the BOC, not some other cattin site.

    When you have the time, let me know- We can go hit up rainbow for flatties or even go sit on the maple for a few hours. Anything!

    Congrats on your luck ripping local whiskerlips. Hope to catch you on the water some time... more specifically on the water as my guest. :cool2: