many different hooks out there, explain?

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    you know, i been fishin for a while now and still havent figured out all these different types of hooks. kahle, ok i know what a circle hook does, and a treble hook, but howabout if we get somethin goin to explain the different types, the reasons, and what theyre best used for. just pick a hook, and throw it on on what its best use is, and why. im kind of curious to hear this.
  2. mactheaxe

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    cartersville, georgia

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    Jason there are hundred of types and styles. This is the header from the hook section of just one tackle store

    Fishing Hooks
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    offers over 800 styles and sizes of fish hooks. Mustad
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    Jig Hooks

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    Worm Hooks

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    Octopus, Kahle and Siwash Hooks

    Weighted Hooks and Swim Bait Hooks

    Freshwater Bait Hooks and Drop Shot Hooks

    Big Game and Saltwater Bait Hooks

    Weedless Hooks

    Trotline and Coil Hooks

    Hook history is quite interesting. They have been around for thousands of years but I bet even back then they were talking about the one that got away...W
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    I use Aberdeen hooks quite a bit, but not very often for catfishing. Aberdeens are made of light wire, bend very easily, and are good for pulling out of snags such as brush piles. And a minnows hooked with an Aberdeen usually lives much longer than on a thicker wired hook. Disadvantages--they bend very easily, and can straighten out when fighting a big fish. That's why I use them mainly for bream, crappie, and white/yellow bass.

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    go to the tru turn web site it will help you