Malibu X-13

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    Anyone own one of the new Malibu X-13's? If so how do you like it?
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    Here is a review I came across on Hope it helps.

    Submitted by: captkallisto[​IMG][​IMG]
    A few weeks ago I managed to take the X-13 prototype for a short spin in a pond at a local kayak demo days to see what all the hype was about and I was impressed. So when the real model surfaced a few weeks later I was able to test demo the new & slightly improved X-13. WOW, it was love at first ride.

    She is smooth, and glides effortlessly in calm water, now after a few test drives I can tell you she tracks well into the wind & chop as well being caught on the lake with gusts of 5-10mph, she stayed steady on course and did not falter. The famed Malibu Gator Hatch is standard, with a huge rear tankwell that would accommodate a full sized cooler if I chose to carry it.
    The most unique feature is the forward storage under the gator hatch which has a scupper hole in the bottom. It fills halfway with water while paddling and empties upon landing. Plug it up and it stays perfectly dry to carry your goodies. Great place to keep some fish wet or maybe even serve as a small livewell or just haul a lot of gear.
    This ride is dry, you can watch the footwells get water and then drain out thru the scuppers. I would say that the real life rider limit is around 230# before she might become a little wet. I am 5'8" & 200# and never got wet once.
    All in all one of the best kayaks I have ever owned. She is sweet and lime green to boot. I am still very impressed. I am currently riggin her for fishing the Texas bays, I'll let you know how it goes later.
    Rating: 10 of 10