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    some body had a really good post on the Making Snares thread, i was wondering who ever made the post if they could make it again, because i cant find it anymore... if so thankyou:big_smile:
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    Got computer problems. New computer should be here next week. Yours will be my first post

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    Make your own snares

    I make my own snares from 3/32 or 1/8 aircraft cable. You can make them as long as you
    want but 4ft is the length I generally use.You can find the cable at your local hardware
    store. Its used as garage door cable.
    Get a pair of fence pliers to cut the cable with.

    I generally use 8/32 hex nuts as stops.

    My snare locks are 5/16 washers. I drill holes a little larger than the cable across from
    each other and bend the washer 90 degrees centered between the holes.You will probably
    have to file off any burrs so the cable will slide easily.

    I make 2 different swivels.
    One is just a 1in shim. Kinda like a washer. I drill 1 hole the same size as the snare locks
    and bend the shim 90 degrees so it looks like an L.

    The other is a 3/4in piece of 1in metal electrical conduit.I drill the same size hole in the

    Number 6 flat washers or the washers used for pop riveting.

    Building your snare

    About 1/2 inch from the end of the cable hammer on one of the nuts. I use a discarded
    piece of railroad rail and about a 3 pound hammer.Thread on a small washer.This will
    keep your stop from catching on the corner of the swivel. Then thread on your swivel.

    Thread on your snare lock.
    As close to the end of the snare cable as you can comfortably put it hammer on the other
    stop.This is because any loose cable ends will tangle in the fur and cause a bald spot.

    There you have it.Your homemade snare.

    To hold the loop I usually use a piece of number9 wire that I have formed a hook in the
    end. Hang your snare outside the loop on the number 9 wire. You can then either push
    the end of the wire into the ground or wrap it around your trap stake.

    Hope this is the info you wanted