Making Slinky Weights

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    There is only 1 place I can drive to and buy Slinky Weights and they are 2.99 plus tax for a pack of 2. I thought I could make them and with a huge undertaking of finding components on the shelf I was able to do so. Out of al the components I have found to work with I made mine out of the 1/4 double braided nylon rope and the #4 Buckshot

    1/4" double braided Nylon Rope. I found it at West Marine.
    COST:58 cents Ft.

    Forget Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Bass Pro Shops, Northern Tool as they do not have it as least in my area. The braided nylon rope they have is not double braided and it frays too much for me to put the effort in it.

    I tried 550 or parachute cord, shoe laces and even a jump rope. I have heard of folks getting that to work for them but it is too small for my liking.

    The 00 Buck has a .330 Diameter. Too big and time consuming to use.
    The #4 has a .240 Diameter. Very easy to work with.
    COST: 15.00 per 5 lb bag at under the reloading section.

    #4 Split Shot is like 00 Buck Shot. Too big to work with
    #5 Split Shot will work if you pionch it closed but is tighter than the #4 Buck Shot after a pinch.
    COST 2.99 per 60 pack at Bass Pro

    Here is a Conversion Chart:
    .50 oz = 218.749 grains
    .75 oz = 328.124 grains
    1 oz = 437.499 grains
    1.25 oz = 546.874 grains
    1.50 oz = 656.249 grains
    1.75 oz = 765.623 grains

    If you can get the end of the rope to work with you while you put the shot inside the rope you can get 2 for every 1.5 ft. The finished weight I built is about 7 inchs long. The same length as an Eagle Claw 1.5 ounce.

    Lets put the numbers to it.

    7000 grains in a lb.
    #4 weighs 21.3 grains so roughly 328 in a lb
    27 pellets per slinky weight will make 12 slinky weights per lb.
    The #4 Buck Shot on gunbroker will make you 60 weights with a $15.00 5 lb bag

    It will take about 45-50 ft to make 60 weights. .58 x 50 ft is $29.00

    Weight $15.00
    Rope $29.00
    Cost $ 45.00
    ship/tax $ 5.00
    TOTAL $50.00 per 60 weights or .83 cents each

    Cost at store
    $2.99 a pair
    Tax 8.125%
    Total $3.23 or $1.61 each

    Bottom line you can make them for about 1/2 price. I have not decided if it is worth my time yet. Once you get it down you can expect to make about 8-10 an hour. If I can do 10 an hour I am making about $7.80 an hour on my labor if I figure I am saving .78 cents each.

    By the way I took apart one of the Eagle Claw Slinky weights. They have theirs loaded with split shot. It was smaller than my #4 so I figured it was #5.
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    Great tip/post, thanks for sharing with us

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    Ive never tried slinky weights but sounds interesting. Do you have any pics you could post so the directions will make a little more sense. I assume the guys who have used them before it makes sense, but I need a little more help if you have some pics. Thanks
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    Im sorry Guido, I did not break it down from the start. You are right if you dont know what they are the post makes little sense. I will try and put a start to finish process together. Thanks
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    It's a lot faster, easier and cheaper to just string some 1/4 oz egg sinkers on a length of light mono.

    Start with a snap swivel, tie a foot or two of mono (I use 12 lb), string 6 or 8 1/4-oz egg sinkers, then wrap the mono back through the last sinker 3 or 4 times and smash it flat with a pair of channel locks.

    No more likely to snag than any other kind of "snagless" sinker...:wink: If it does get snagged, the mono will break and you'll get your hook back. (though these days, I'd rather have the lead...)
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    Thanks Jedi and Mr T
    I have been using three way rigs and want to up my game with slinky weights. i got on today just to find slinky weight ideas-so you had good timing.
    Can you take a picture of your rigs? I am assuming you attach the snap to the swivel.
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