Making Plump Night Crawlers for Catfishing

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    Original post made by Josh Haskell(Bocaholic) on May 29, 2003

    To Get Nice Plump Crawlers:

    A day or so before you go fishing, get some newspaper. Take a sheet of newspaper and get it nice and soaking wet. Get a 5 gal bucket. First place a sheet of soaked newspaper in the bottom of the bucket. Then put a dozen or so crawlers in. Put another layer of soaked newspaper on top of the first layer of crawlers. Then add some more crawlers on the wet news paper. Do this until you have a few layers or as many worms as you'll need to take fishing. You should have some plump, mammoth size crawlers when ya go.

    The crawlers soak up all that water in the newspapers. It works! Just make sure to keep them in a cool place.

    Josh (Bocaholic)