Making "No-Snag pencil sinkers"

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    After reading up on these sinkers and seeing the price for them, I decided to make one.

    I first bent a 14 guage copper wire into a loop leaving a 5 inch tail on it.
    I then took an old cast net sinker (Which I believe is an Ounce and a half)
    and slid it up till I hit both ends of the loop. Then with a finish hammer I flattened and lengthed the sinker to twice its length around the copper. Next I laid it across a round hard surface( I used an anvil ) and hit it a few more times to give it a slight bend.

    The pictures are the work in progress and finish. I was able to make this one in about 5 min. And was more or less free. I was not aware they sold a mold for this but, I probably wouldnt have bought it any how. Plus i have a big quanity of these sinkers that i cut off an old cast net i found.

    The quarter in the picture is just for scale.



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