Making Drift Sinkers

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    Original post made by Ron Rhyne(Dipchip) on September 20, 2002

    Drifting Sinkers​

    Here is an idea that I use when I drift fish which is most of my fishing trips. Go to your hardware store and buy some MUSIC WIRE. It comes in three foot lengths and many different diameters which you choose from the size sinker you want to drift with. Use egg sinkers from 1oz to 5oz. Cut the wire into 12 inch pieces and using needle nose pliers form a loop at one end to use as an eye to tie onto your line or dropper which ever way you rig up. Slide the egg sinker on the wire about 8 inches and make 90degree bends above and below the sinker. When you tie the loop in the end of the wire on your line and drift fish, the only thing that actually drags bottom is the wire itself. Music wire is a type of spring steel and does not easily bend while drifting. Make up several using different size weights to use in different wind and drifting situations. Lindys has something similar called a bouncing betty but is only available in less than 1oz sizes and it a lot cheaper to make your own. I hope I explained this clearly, if not I will try to answer any questions if I can. I use them all the time drifting in a lake with all different bottom conditions and very rarely hang up.However I also use circle hooks so If the sinker dont hang up and the hook dont hang up, drifting becomes fun.