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Thought I'd make me a fish cleaning table, as, the other half is about fed up with me using her little table on the back porch.
Was at work and happened to mention my aspirations to a co-worker, and, he offered to help out by donating a sink and stainless steel skin off an old ice-maker machine.

Well, that made the project right there.
Ran down to the local Lowe's and got a piece of PT plywood and proceeded to lay it out.

Finally made the decision as to exactly how I wanted it and made the cuts.

And, don't look too bad.

Decided that if I was going to build it good, would certainly need to waterproof it ( Spar Urethane = two coats).

Had the perfect place to put it out under my little shed.

And here's a shot with the back and sides on.

Then, of course, I should have a gutter system to keep the water from spilling all over my feet !

Here's the plumbing picture.

And finally, the "break-in".

Funny part was that the hose (ran hose rather than PVC) that I ran to provide water came up short right where ya stand. I needed to add a few feet to complete the run. And, when I went to clean my first batch of fish, free from all that water splashing on my feet, after turning water on to system, a little "spring" developed bubbling up water right where I stand LOL !
The hose washer at the connection point for the little extra piece apparently was leaking.
End of story = Wound up cleaning fish standing in MUD ! !
So much for perfection.
That's my story and I'm stickin to it !
Have a nice day
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