Making a .22 Automatic?

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    What is the easiest way to make a .22 go fully semiautomatic? Now that I've caught your attention, I have a Stevens 987 semi-auto .22. I like it so far, except for its sporadic bursts of automatic fire. I can be shooting, and it will be like pow, pow, pow, powpowpowpowpow, and fire up to 6-7 shots per trigger pull in like around a second without jamming. There is no rhyme or reason to when it shoots bursts. I'm scared to shoot it and get busted by the game warden or have somebody call the NATF on me when my gun is inadvertently shooting as fast as some automatics. Would replacing the trigger assembly cure this?

    Part 2- I also have a Stevens Model 124B 12ga that was my grandpa's and I want to get redone. Can anyone give a recommendation for a gunsmith in the Aiken, O-burg, or possibly Columbia area? And also, how much would it likely cost to get the gun reblued, taken apart, and cleaned?


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    Ryan, don't think that unit has a sear like a normal rifle. Think ya got a problem in the release lever assembly; broken spring, buggered plunger etc.
    This is an ol boy bought out all Stevens stock of parts for older guns. He helped me....but sounds like you need a smith. And a smith will need parts.

    Bob's Gun Shop
    P.O. Box 200
    Royal, AR 71968
    Phone, 501-767-1970

    And there's also a web site you can scope out. Good luck, be safe. He had the parts I needed to me in about a week, and was fair, considering it's the last roundup of Stevens parts.

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    You've got a very bad sear engagement problem. This happens to just about most semi-autos now and then when the sear gets worn. The problem is the round and bolt are not locking up all the way and it is slam firing without being locked in. This will not only damage the firearm, but can cause injury also. I had an M-1 Garand do this once. The first round was fine, and the next 7 went full auto. THAT WAS A TRIP! I've also had a 1911 do the same thing also. Make sure it get's fixed before firing it any more. I could mean getting a new sear, or having a gunsmith that knows what he's doing to re-cut the sear angle to make it right if it's not just broken off.