Maintainence on Mercury 50 EFI?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by WylieCat, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. WylieCat

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    I was wondering if there is anything I need to do as far as maintainence on my new 2005 Mercury 50h EFI four stroke engine?

    I went through the break in procedure as stated, I add oil as needed, it "pees' water" good (as described by the dealer!!), but the only thing I have read is to bring it in for service at 100 hours or after the first year.

    It has not set up this winter; I have been taking it out fishing at least once a week. It runs great, no problems, but they all run great right before the BLOW UP!! LOL!!!
  2. duxsrus

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    You should be good to go but, when in doubt, consult your owners manual. Go by the book and you won't void your warranty.

  3. jim

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    You don't say how long you have had it but if you have been running it for more than 6 months I would change the lower unit oil,pull the prop and check for any line wound around the shaft and at the same time lube the splines.Take a close look at the prop for any dings or nicks,think about adding an inline fuel filter,and for sure add some stabilizer to the gas even if you are running it weekly.Stabilizer is the best investment you can make as far as keeping your fuel good and reducing carbon buildup.PRI-G is one of the best to use.:)
  4. Mr.T

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    New 4-stroke engines generally want the oil and filter changed after the first 10 hours, then on 50 hour intervals after that. But whatever it says in your owners manual trumps "conventional wisdom." Don't go strictly by what your dealer tells you; read the manual and follow it any time it differs from what the dealer says.

    You might check the manual and ask the dealer whether Mercury recommends any kind of fuel additive to keep carbon deposits from building up; Yamaha recommends their "Ring Free" additive from day one. You might also run fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil regularly - unless you're really running the engine a lot, those 4-strokes use so little fuel that it ends up spending a lot of time in your tank before getting burned. Stabilizer won't hurt even if you burn the fuel within a few days of buying it.

    Otherwise, just go run the engine and have fun. Do regular visual inspections of the engine and lower unit - look for any loose screws or bolts, anything that seems out of place; check the oil regularly; keep an eye on your fuel/water separator if you have one (and add one if you don't), and keep the oil changed regularly.

    If you don't have an hour meter already on your boat you can add one pretty easily - they can be bought on eBay for less than $20 and simply wired in to the "Key on power" line in your wiring harness. Any time the key is on, the hour meter runs. I just installed one in my new boat last night - took about 15 minutes. The dealer told me which wire to use and it was a breeze.
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    Oil and filters are usually good for 100 hrs or a yearly change. I've always changed them after the initial break in period then the recommended 100 hrs. The same with the lower unit oil. Changed after break in.

    You've recieved good information on fuel care. Follow it and you'll have few, if any, problems with your gas or carbs.