Mail me some wheel weights and I'll mail you some sinkers...

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by dixiedrifter, May 10, 2006.

  1. dixiedrifter

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    Lately I have been investigating the possibility of opening up an online tackle/bait shop to support my catfishing addiction.:big_smile:

    How does this relate to sending me lead and me turning them into sinkers?

    The other day when I was in the postal orifice I noticed that the United States Postal service is offering a flat shipping rate on a box... in a nutshell anything that you can fit, regardless of weight, in something the size of a smallish shoebox gets from point A to B for $8.10. Now normally lead is so heavy that it is totally non-cost effective to ship, but from what I estimate, a person could put about 40 pounds into one of those boxes. (Somone at the post office said somone already did that, lol)

    That got my hampster wheel turning. The problem with casting your own sinkers is that the molds cost $30 or so each. If you use, egg, bank, and no slip sinkers depending on your fishing habits, you will spend at least $100 on molds after tax to get a basic assortment. Plus, if you have to have heavier stuff, you will have to buy even more molds because they don't put the most common sizes on the same mold. So after you get all your molds, you might just be better off buying your sinkers from somone else depending on what you use and how much you fish.

    This is where my idea comes in. It would cost $16.20 to do round trip shipping on a box of sinkers. You send me 40 pounds of ingots and some cash for return postage, tell me how you want the lead cast, and I'll send some finished sinkers back to you. What would I get out of the deal? For my part, I'll take half of the lead and use that to cast some sinkers for myself to sell. That will pay for the molds, propane to melt the lead, keep me in lead and provide a few dollars for my time and trouble. By no means would I be making much money.

    I think that would be a fair deal. Provided you can get your wheel weights/lead for free, you should be able to get them turned into sinkers for less than a dollar a pound.

    This is still in the idea phase... what do ya'll think?
  2. armynavy

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    I think that would definately be something to think about.

  3. Tinboat

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    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    I did something similar for a young man this spring. He shipped 50# of lead to me, I made him 15# ( we agreed on 10#) and shipped them back to him . I paid shipping back. I still came out with 35# of good sheet lead,
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    are you talkin sendin you uncleaned unmelted wheel weights? I think i can get em for a penny a pound.
  5. Raypo

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    I am a manager for Pepboys, and it is almost impossible for me to get lead beacause of it being a controlled disposal. I could actually lose my job for taking lead. So if anyone is got another way I would love to here it. I have to look at that lead everyday just going to waste. I stop by some ma and pa shops sometimes but they will only give you a pound or two usually. Most places get 20.00 for every 5 gallon buckett, but it is epa controlled.
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    Shoot! Guess that leaves me out, I don't have any wheel weights. All I have is about 600 pounds of soft lead in slabs 14" X 14" X 3/4" thick. Darn all the luck! I use a few of them in the back of the truck for weight in the snow. This lead was sheet lead used on a roof that they were throwing away. I melted it in/on a kiln at about 2000 degrees, skimed off all the junk and let it cool. I must have 15 slabs, darn it. Wolfman in Missouri got one of my slabs and have a couple at the house down there for BigMagic if he ever wants it. I cut it with an old saw blade on my table saw into rectangles and melt it in my electric Lee casting pot. Makes darn good sinkers but haven't learned how to break the excess off the split shot clean, may be too soft. I tell you nothing goes my way.
  7. vacatfish

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    bedford virginia
    My family owns 3 junk yards here. and they let me get all the wheel weights i want free.

    And thats alot. i just wish i had the money to ship them cause i can get like 8 5 gallon buckets of them everyday free.