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got to bart around 1pm yesterday. me and a fishin buddy started to tag team the carp and gills as soon as we got there. stoped at 7ish, found a spot that looked flatty and had are poles in the water by 7:30. first fish was at 8pm @ 32lbs. after that we had 2 fish around 10 that were 6 & 8. moved at 11ish and gat lots of runs but they were very finickey and did not want to commit so we kept on playing till about 4 when whamo a 44lber strikes my the line with vengence. buddy did a great job with his gaff and right after that his line gets smashed and with gaff in hand waiting for him to come up, the bastard boils up, opens his mouth like hes done and spits the carp and hooks out. not COOL!! after that we are dozing off and the 32 is tied off to the front of the boat while the 44 is in the back. the 32 was cut the line and made a run for it so no pics of him. overall a great trip and a new pb, hell yea


1 - 20 of 78 Posts
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