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magic bait

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i will be getting some magic bait soon and wanted to know if any of you guys use it.
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ive used some of their dough bait and caught a 3lb channel. but thats all. i have tried their breamn bait bait with no luck
Hey Brain,

What is Magic Bait? :confused:

Bert :cool:
Hog Wild Premo is the best that I have ever used that has been produced. Good luck when ya try it.
Yeah I like premos also, I have only used it a couple of times but it caught a few fish, and its so easy to bait. I am really anxious to fisnd out if that stuff works for you Brian, Hope it can get you the Kansas Master Angler. LOL It would be nice to know a celebrity. LOL
a lot of people have gotten that award and there name is never said

bert, it is a bait company that makes hog wild and a few other things
So many dip and dough baits out there. They seem to be just about all made the same. I have heard so many different brands that are the best. I guess I need to start buying all of it and seeing for myself.
It would still be cool to know someone that won that award, thats all I'm sayin'. It will happen one day, hopefully.
Magic bait is a brand of bait that they have at wal-mart. They might have it other places but im not sure. They make various catfish, carp, and bream baits. usually dough or dip bait.
majic bait has produced fish for me. I wil not claim it to be the best on the market, I am still a big fan of Sonny's. but it will produce fish.
I bought some majik bait from wally wld but the majik was gone! maby cats round here don't like it
Yeah, you will find that cats like different baits all over. I will tear em up at Buckeye with it and go down to Hargus and get nothing. Just depends.
Definately Sonny's blood formula. Outfishes magic 3 to 1.
I tried some Hog Wild last weekend but not long enough to develop any kind of opinion on it. I will try it out some more soon hopefully, can say that it sure stayed on the Looper rigs very well though, but I think that says more for Loops rigs than the bait itself.
i have had no luck on majic bait people try to give it to me ive put it every where no luck but good luck to u using it maby it will work
master_cat said:
i have had no luck on majic bait people try to give it to me ive put it every where no luck but good luck to u using it maby it will work
Same here. I tried it in the community fishing program site where I go sometimes. I figured it might look a little like the pellets they got at the hatchery. Apparently not. I have absolutely had less fishing success from commerical products than from the recipes I get from the fishermen on this site.
Thanks for the info. on the Magic Bait Brian, I just started using Hog Wild. :eek:

"Good Stuff"

Take It Easy,
Bert :cool:
I bought all the hog wilds and i havent had luck on any of them, but I have never fished them on a day that anyone else has caught any thing
got my bait today and going to try it this weekend.
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