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  1. craigr

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    I bought a boat NEW in 2003.
    Always garaged, Always well taken care of. I have a pic of it posted on this web site.
    Last Sunday, my wife and I decided to try out the front live well, so her mom could have some catfish. - No problem, we had a nice catch of some real good ones and a few pan size. I cleanded them all up and her mother was thrilled to get them.
    This morning, I went out to the garage to get some tools & when I opened the door, the smell of rotten fish nearly bowled me over!
    I thought, 'it can't be the live well because I flushed it out VERY well with the garden hose. - WRONG!
    There is a small plastic plate that seperates the live well from the bait well, this way the bait gets lake water also. Well, somehow one of the catfish got over that plate and was hidden to me when I cleaned out the live well. I don't know how he fit over that plate, but it's obvious that he did.
    There were maggots over most of the boat, & in most of the compartments! The Fish had started to decay & fell apart when I tried to lift it out. I got what I could by hand, then used the shop vac and LOTS of water to get the rest. I spent the morning vacuming maggots & washing down the inside of the boat with the garden hose.
    I now know why people say carpet in a fishing boat is stupid. Those maggots were burying themselves in the knap of the carpet!!! I had to vacuum then wash, then vacuum then wash, etc...
    I finally gave up and left the boat out in the driveway with all of the compartments open & am praying for rain.
    I thought some of you might get a kick out of my stupidity.
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    Glencoe, Arkansas
    Funny you should mention that. I got finished fishing a week ago last Wednesday using shrimp/vanilla that was in a little plastic container with the lid. When I trailered the boat, I put this container in a plastic bag. When I got home I backed the trailer into the lil boat house I had just built and disconnected the trailer, shut the doors and went to the house. Needless to say, the following Tuesday I decided to pull out the boat and wash it down. Man did it ever need it. Maggots everywhere. I took the grid off of the deck of the bass boat, grabbed the plastic bag and buried it and got the water hose. Your right about getting into the nap of the carpet. I had to put a nozzle on the hose to get them out. Anyhow, I got them all hosed out and sat the boat in the sun to dry out the carpet. Then I could still get a whiff of that stink from the carpet, so I emptied 2 boxes of baking soda on the spot where the bag had sat. Left it on for 3 days then hosed it out. Smell is gone and lesson learned. Remove the bait when you get home.

  3. peewee williams

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    Looks like you boys have learned how to make your boat theft resistant.It happens to us all.I learned a long time ago,that a bare hull is the most fishing friendly type that you can own.peewee-williams
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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    You washed away the bait, bait lol

    I have done it too. Stunk up the garage something trouble. bakng powder to the rescue.
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    Wedgefield, SC
    Too bad yall don't bream fish! LOL
    my uncle gave me a plastic sack of venison that I forgot and left in with my junk in back of car in sw fla in summertime. I thought I had dropped some bait and it would dry out!:crazy: nope, after a few days of it gettin worse I started lookin! glad it was wrapped good!!!!! kinda funny NOW!:embarassed:
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    After posting this on this board & the NE Game & Parks board, I don't feel so bad. It sounds like I'm not the only one to have had to clean up a mess like this.
    My wife sprayed the carpet down with Fabreze around 2:00p, then we went to lunch. We returned around 5:00p & the boat smells MUCH better. The only thing that still smells bad is the live well. So, we put some lysol in it & filled it with water & let it soak. We rinsed it out a few times at 7:30p and plan to take the boat fishing bright & early in the morning. I'm leaving the boat out all night with all of the compartments open to further air it out.

    Hopefully, this won't take the week of fresh air I thought it would to get the smell out.

  7. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    Back some years ago, one of my old friends and I went out fishing. He caught a drum that was about 3lbs. He was a little drunk at the time. He went home and a week later I saw his car setting out in an empty lot with all the doors and the trunk wide open. I laughed so hard, he got home and forgot about the drum in the trunk, after a week of smelling something bad he found out what it was. This was in the middle of July, nice and hot. We both laugh about it every time we see each other now.
  8. Bream baiter

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    South Carolina
    Those maggots would make some good bream bait.
  9. Mountain Cur

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    Missouri, Warsaw
    It's probably happened to 99.99% of everyone that owns a boat and fishes. Sometimes it "ain't" an accident. I know of a certain individual that had a very LARGE dead drum placed in one of the front storage compartments by an individual, who shall remain unnamed because it could be hazardous to his health if that information would become public knowledge.

    How often does a guy park his boat in the garage attached to his house when he just spent $20,000.00 building a "shed" to keep his boat in????? At least once that I know of.
  10. Mutt

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    I have never left a dead anything in my boat and I have two live wells in the one boat. But many many years ago (seems like a different life) when I used to drink me and a buddy borrowed my first wifes car to go fishing sence I had loaned out my pickup. Well we had a whole mess of crawdads in the trunk we got in around 4 am drunker then who knows what and forgot all about them stupid crawdads talk about a stench after a week or so needless to say the wife wasnt amused happy or anything else that resembled a good mood for a long time.
  11. shortshank

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    Craig you might give this a try. It sounds kind of silly but I use this quite often. Get a couple of Denture Clean tablets ( I use 4) and fill your tanks. Let it soak for 3-4hrs. drain and flush. I do mine a couple a times a year to hold down the smell and help clean. They work pretty good in a thermos bottle too.
  12. ka_c4_boom

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    i went out on monday the last holiday took my boys ,had 5 channels i cleaned got in a hurry and left the scraps in a bucket thursday of that week my wife came in from work cussin up a storm seems buzards were sitin on the side of the boat and the fence near it :lol: :lol: :lol: man what a mess
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    At least you were drunk I left 10 dozen shrimp in a minnow bucket behind the drivers seat of the wifes car due to my old timers disease and lack of brain cells.