maggets for crappies

Discussion in 'Fishing Bait Review' started by on_the_fly, Nov 28, 2005.

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    my grandfather taught me his way an i have done it a few times in my short life ( im 29 now) but anyways he always use to buy a cheap stake or even road kill some times an take it out on the john boat with us an place it on top of a stick up. usualy a stump about 6 to 8 inches in dia. an we would go no about are fishing the rest of the day else where. then in a few days we would go back to the spot where he had placed the meat /or road kill an fish with wax worms an just wear out big bluegills an nice crappies. for i was little when he first started doing this with me an i didnt know what was going on. but as he explained to me we always waited a few days because he was waiting for the maggets , as the maggets move around the meat they fall off into the water an atract fish. the longer he left it the better the fishing was. well of corse we didnt use maggets we used wax worms witch is same but larger an worked well for us. well hes been gone for about 10 years now an i still get the gigggels every time i set a peice of meat out, i can still see gramps on the other end of the john boat beer in one hand cain pole in the other. sorry gramps i told your secret
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    If you do this very often, make a little basket out of hardware cloth or chicken wire. Fasten it to the stump or tree so that you can easily remove it to get rid of bones and such that the maggots can't eat. It's much easier to simply dump roadkill or fish scraps into the wire basket than to try to fasten it to a stake. Of course, the wire basket lets the maggots drop through just like it wasn't there.
    And why not fish with maggots? Meal worms and wax worms are very good, but IMO, maggots are even better.

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    Hi there Jerry! You are absolutely correct! That tip about road kill in the tree for magots was one of the first things I learned on the boc almost 4 years ago!