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    Just a few notes from playign Madden 06 and Madden 07

    In 06 I had a franchise with the Texans playing on the hardest difficulty, All-Madden. I loaded NCAA 06 draft classes. First year I drafted Reggie Bush 3rd Overall and he had 97 speed, and was 89 OVR as a QB, after 3 seasons he was a 97 OVR. The next year I drafted Vince Young 14th overall to be my franchise QB. I also Got LenDale White in the second round, and used most of my other draft picks those two years on Offensive Linemen to start building an offense. White as a rookie was tied with Jamal Lewis with 99 ovr Break Tackle, and he had the highest ratings in the league for toughness and injury recovery. The first two seasons I didn't make the playoffs, on the third season I finished 11-5 but still didn't because the Colts won the division, but somehow I didn't have enough wins for the wildcard. The wildcards went to the Bengals and Chargers. The fourth year I beat the Eagles to win the superbowl...the three previous years the Eagles won 3 straight superbowls seeing as how Terrel Owens was damn near unstoppable.

    Keep in mind, this is all over the course of a year and a half. The rookies progressed very quickly and soon became very dominant. Anyway, I was bored and figured I'd post that little story. Now, to Madden 07.

    A buddy bought it and we were managing and simulating a franchise with the Titans. In the fourth year, Vince Young was the starter and was 97 OVR, LenDale White was 93 OVR and was also a starter. the first year Tomlinson set a new rushing record with 21xx yards. The second year Manning broke the 5000 barrier for a new record, but Palmer set a new passing TD record. That same year Bennet, the Titans second receiver went down, but we had changed the AI's coaching strategy to pass more than rush so we could spread them out and let White break out on runs and only have 1 LB or a DB to deal with. Givens was the only WR we had with a rating over 80, and he set a new receiving record because he was the only guy Young had to throw to. Yeah I'm really bored...what really struck me as CRAZY was that during the third year Warrick Dunn was dealt a season ending injury and TJ duckett had been traded. needless to say their backup HB wasn't too great and also, Jennings was hurt for a span of 6-7 weeks. I guess because they couldn't run the ball effectively and had few good people to pass to, MICHAEL VICK set the new single season rushing record with 2308 yards. Man, these madden games are crazy.... all-right, that wasted some to warm up some barbeque