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MACK'in Thread (gettin bait)

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Since we have posts everyywhere talkin about everything, i thot id try and help out a little here.

This will be our BAIT GETTIN THREAD

Whic will mostly just be reports on local piers and such. SInce Cali is a pretty weak state when it comes to bait catchin techniques :mad:

Anyhow, post some tips on your bait catchin here and whats been workin-

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Hey Mike, no size limit on bonito. Iam about fifteen minutes from Belmont pier. Close to the pier, their is a pub called Belmont brewing company. They make their own beer. I like going to get myself a couple of pints of beer before I do some night fishing.

You bet Mike. Hopefully we can convince Drews and Cliffey to join us; I got the first round! I recommend, Long Beach Crude(name of beer)
Drews, did you get my p/m?

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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