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MACK'in Thread (gettin bait)

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Since we have posts everyywhere talkin about everything, i thot id try and help out a little here.

This will be our BAIT GETTIN THREAD

Whic will mostly just be reports on local piers and such. SInce Cali is a pretty weak state when it comes to bait catchin techniques :mad:

Anyhow, post some tips on your bait catchin here and whats been workin-

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Well i went out again tonite.

Same thing, but just me this time.

Sun goes down, macks go to SCHOOL....heavy.

Sabikis, flylined (got too windy) and a weighted dropper loop all worked. Bait of choice was squid.

Had to look around and find who was catchin the most and "position" myself a lil closer.

Around 8 the bite started HOT and continued until i left at 830 again. Still biting.
Caught 17 this time in 90 minutes, the pier is trully INFESTED at night.

Also got a couple bonitas, shortys around 8 inches (have to be 18???) They werent mack, so im sure they were bonies. Werent sardines either,

If your close, i suggest an 8pm trip to Belmont is your a mack fan.

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janzaldo said:
Hey Mike, no size limit on bonito. Iam about fifteen minutes from Belmont pier. Close to the pier, their is a pub called Belmont brewing company. They make their own beer. I like going to get myself a couple of pints of beer before I do some night fishing.

Thanks for the heads up Jaime. Maybe we'll meet up there one day for a pint and some fish :cool:
Hey Chuy,
I think im gonna shoot for tonite? U wanna roll?
Considering i havent really got into a good bite until 730ish...i was thinkn maybe show up at Belmont Pier around 7. Get the poles in the water by 730 and hopefully run into a HUGE school of macks. If theyre like they were, we should be able to get at least 15 a peice within a couple hours tops.
Yeah, i know exactly what u mean. Ive never used the glowsticks to, maybe get one today.
Also got a buddy with a bunch of mack hes willing to give me if i drive by his house.

Im gonna bring some different flavours. :cool: Hogwild, Gravy, Garlic, etc..
Heading out to Belmont at 630- be there by 7 hopeflly...check your PM chuy
Got to Belmont at 730-
Tons of sea dogs around and they didnt start biting til about 10, when i had to 5. Got a bucnh of those croakers n sardines or whatever they are...macks were late today.

Be back on thursday to give it one last run. Im tryin to get as much as possible. Im not running out at the lake, and ill help out as much as possible too :cool:
Sounds cool man. Check your PM too.
I'll try it again thursday. I think the mack were interested in the bait fish that were everywhere...the macks were literally jumping out on a feeding frenzy just killin these lil guys...then the seadogs would roll in :cursing:
pescatore_pazzesco said:
Hey Mike,

So it's fun to get out there for a couple of hours when you've been sitting behind a computer and desk for 8-10 hours talking with people all day.

Agreed, was cold n windy and the bite was slow last night, still enjoyed it :cool:
1 - 10 of 22 Posts
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