Mac Byrum's Catfish University

Discussion in 'Carolina Catfish Club' started by Mac-b, Mar 10, 2008.

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    I have been honored to have selected parts of my On-Line Seminar plublished in the Catfish Publication at the beginning of the BOC board. It is titled "Mac Byrum's Catfish University" and I will be adding to it in the future. I thank all of you guys and gals that have read this thread (On-Line Seminar) and made it so popular. To Bryan and Paul, I thank you for this recognition and the honor that you have bestowed on me and my work.
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    You have earned it Mac with all the help and knowledge that you give away.....

  3. martygreen

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    Congrats Mac,that is some well deserved recognition and i have used or will use many of your numerous tips and/or advice, I appreciate all you do for the forum and the knowledge you share with others on a daily basis,you are one of the many reasons its a joy to visit this site everyday and see what we can learn,keep up the Great work.:wink:
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    congrats Mac, I enjoy reading and learning from your online seminar and look forward to many more of them. Thank you for all the help and advice you have shared with us.