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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by skeetermagnet, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. skeetermagnet

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    Edmond, Oklahoma
    My sister lives in a condo community which not only sits behind a gate, but also is on a pond. It is about a half mile from my office and a friend of mine and I go over there during lunch. We take a catfish rod and a perch rod. Through a good portion of the summer the bait of choice has been hot dogs which the catfish have taken readily. Sometimes the catfish and perch-peckers keep us so busy on one rod that we don't even get to use the other.

    Last week my friend caught a crappie while perch-jerking. We didn't have scales to weigh it, but measured it at 15 1/2 inches long.:crazy: It was the biggest crappie I've ever seen! Today my friend caught one that was about 11 inches. He caught both of them on hotdogs! I caught one that was about 11 inches and another that was 13, but they were on a white power grub.

    I've never seen them bite anything like that. Has anyone ever caught a crappie on something dumb like a hotdog?
  2. micus

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    Lake St. L
    Caught one on a bare treble hook this summer.

  3. south_va_fisherman

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    caught some bluegills like that before. they seem to bite anything :wink:
  4. alands94

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    Lebanon, I
    Caught a nice 14" crappie down in Tennessee at Reelfoot while reeling in a treble hook with a bit of punchbait on it!