Luffa-sponge for dip bait

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    I have seen several ideas about putting things on hooks to hold dip bait and even punch bait. One is using wire and another post mentions trying those metal kitchen scrubbers.
    You might try taking a piece (what ever size you want) of those Luffa sponges they sell for the shower and wadding it on the hook, either circle, khale or treble. It holds dip bait really well. You can use a very small piece of fishing line or thin wire to tie it on the shank of the hook. You can have several made up ahead of time and ready to go.
    If you are a believer in a certain color catches more cats, then use what ever color you want.
    I hope this helps
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    I use old tube bodies when the tails get tore up. Punch holes all over it, seal the bottom, tie a treble with heavy line and use a darning needle to run it up the middle and you have a dip bait.


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    I have used this in the past and was able to thread it onto the hook. Its not necessary to thread it up. Make sure the point is exposed. Thanks.