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    When you are drifting for catfish have you noticed that one rod will catch more fish than the others. Most of us call it our lucky rod but, is it? Not necessary so! If you are using the same kind of bait on all your rigs, what makes the one catching all the fish so special?

    The first bite/hookup does not make it special but, the second, third or maybe fourth hookup and we think it is special. Why? The reason is simple, because it has the freshest bait at all times. If you want to test this premise try this. Each time one rig catches a fish, rebait it and another rig and cast them both out and see what the results will be. You might be surprised.

    Anchor fishing is a different story but, it is not the lucky rod, it is the placement of your bait for that rod location.

    Sorry I can't take credit for this lucky rod story/premise because my old fishing teacher told me this a long time ago and I did not believe him untill I tested it several years ago. :misdoubt:
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    I don't know man, I have two rods outa my 30 or so rods and it doesn't matter what area I throw it into throughout the night or morning they are going to be the ones to get the first fish. I usaully use the same 6 or 7 rods when I go out and, every fish I have ever caught that has been over 50lbs has been on two of those 6 or 7 rods. I don't know but thats my two bits on it.