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Luck with goldfish

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Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I have been having great luck with live goldfish for flatheads and blues. We pulled in 4 flatheads between 8 and 20 lbs, and a 24 lb blue, in an 8 hour period. It was great to actually catch something, the summer has been hot and dry in Indiana and it has made the fishing terrible. Good luck out there!
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Where do you normally get the goldfish, and how big are the goldfish you are using.
The local bait shop sells goldfish for $8 per pound. I try to get ones that are at least 4" long, and I always try to get a couple big ones ( up to 12"). Hook them through the eyes and give half of their tail a chop. I tried to buy goldfish at the pet section at wally world, but they wanted $4 each. That would make for an expensive fishing trip! Live creek chubs have been working well too!
That's what we'll be using this weekend! We had great luck on golds last weekend. We're going to catch a big fattie!! :cool:
Wish I could use goldfish but they are illegal to use in this bait. :sad: Heard they work great.
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