"LUCK" What part does it play in your fishing experience?

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    Luck: What part does it play in your fishing experience?
    First let’s define what luck really is. Webster’s Dictionary defines luck as good fortune; the force or power which controls odds and which brings good fortune or bad fortune. Ok, I guess we need the definition of fortune. Webster’s has this to say about fortune; a force that determines events and issues favorably and unfavorably; success that results from luck. Now we see that luck is brought around by a force or power. Since a synonym for force is power and a synonym for power is authority, I think we can conclude, assuming that you have authority over your self, that we make our own luck.

    Lets talk about equipment, have you had bad luck or good luck with it? Are your rods kept clean? Do you take extra care not to scratch them or get little nicks or abrasions in the finish that might lead to an untimely break? Do you abuse your rod by using line or weights heaver that it is rated for, or by trying to break off snags in heavy cover?

    How about your reel, is it kept clean and lubed? Do you keep it out of the dirt and sand? Is it transported mounted to your pole securely in a rod holder or sliding around in the back of a truck bed? Have you gotten into the habit of backing the drag off to extend its life and performance? And then back to that old snag thing, tightening the drag all the way and bearing down with both thumbs on the spool and try to break the line?

    What about your line? Do you store your gear out of the sun so it won’t deteriorate quite so fast? How often do you retie after catching a large fish or fishing in rocks or that old snag again? Do you run the line between your fingers feeling for cuts and nicks?

    Are you always sure your unit is secured when you leave it for a moment? Loosing it to a big fish over the side of a boat, or off a forked stick would seem to be bad luck, but only if you forgot to open your bail or had a bad backlash, or line twist. I don’t think luck would have much to do with that. Speaking of backlashes. Do you adjust your reel tension when you change weights? Do you practice casting? Before you bait up do you get your line wet?

    Then there is where you fish. Do you just find a convenient place to get to, so you don’t have to haul your gear so far? Or maybe a place you can drive up to. You may study a body of water and see where the holes and riffles are and even find the cover and structure, but how hard do you try to get there to fish it? Do you move when the bite is slow and go to another spot? Or do you stay there and chalk it up to bad luck?

    Have you learned all you need to know about boat control, positioning and anchor placement? And what about those depth finders? Have you spent time just getting familiar with them and not worrying about fishing at the same time? Do you know the differences between bait fish, weeds, rocks, logs, big fish and rubble? Are you seeing fish in front of you or behind you, to the left or right or straight beneath?

    What bait do you use? Do you stick with one kind or change with the seasons and water conditions? Is your bait fresh and lively, or dead and stinky? Do you present it in the best way? Do you always keep it on the bottom, or float it near the top? What are other people using in your area with success?

    Are your hooks sharp and clean? Are your knots tied correctly and pulled tight?
    Do you use beads to keep sinkers from damaging your knots? Do your swivels swivel? Do your bobbers leak, or are they to big or to small? How many different rigs do you use and in what water conditions?

    Then there is the weather, time of day, and time of month, full moon or new moon, waning or waxing? Water tempeture, wind direction, and current. What about cold fronts, high-pressure systems, low-pressure systems, storms and droughts? How much time have you put into the study of these phenomenon?

    So, just how much does luck have to do with your fishing experience? I know that I haven’t touched on half the things we need to know, to be successful fishermen. And I know that I have been guilty of not doing all of the above, at one time or another. And I am very certain, that for every thing that we can use (our power) to change, leaves less of a likelihood, that we will have to rely on the powers of chance, good fortune, or good luck.

    And by the way, the best of luck to you!…………Netmanjack

  2. dinkbuster1

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    i could get really deep on the "luck" subject but im not. there is no such thing as luck! i may use the term "luck" out of habbit but i do not beleive in it. what some see as luck, good or bad, are actually chances "given" to you to learn something,...... pay attention!

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    Possum Kingdom Lk, TX
    I personally do not believe in "Luck". I believe in you success depends on your dedication and effort! But then again I did find this site by accident!;)

  4. Ulizth

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    St. Clairsville, Ohio
    Luck is simply an extension of skill, determination, planning and a plethora (I love that word) of factors. We make our own "luck". Sometimes we do this unknowingly and if we learn from these "lucky" encounters we will have better luck next time.
  5. metalman

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    Great post Jack.
    I strongly believe that you make your own luck.
    They say that good luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation (or something like that) and most of those I hear complaining about bad luck neither prepare or look for the opportunities.
    Having said that, there is always that little something beyond our control that can work for or against us...W
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    Great post Jack. It's in the library now. Thanks.
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    Awesome post Jack
    Im with Dink , You make your own ..once in a while your mind that is filled with all your day to day activitys is on track half way you get a series of events that fall together at the right time and everyone thinks its luck

    I belive that if you give what your doing a half a minute thought you would have better "LUCK"
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    central illinois
    I don't know whether to believe in luck or not. Are some people just blessed by the gods ? I don't know about that but some people sure seem to be luckier than others. I guess no one on this mb has just had that feeling that your gonna have a good day, ... and then you do ! Just yesterday I was having the worst day even though I had felt "good" when I woke up. At lunch I was arguing with girlfriend/ people at walmart wouldn't exchange a pole that I bought. But, right before I left to go back to work, I got a phone call and found at my taxes were in....!! I am currently bidding on fishing items on ebay !:)
  9. s_man

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    south east ohio
    The luckiest catfisherman I ever heard of was Ken paullie from kansas.
    He caught a 123 pound flathead while jig fishing for crappies with a snoopy pole back in 1998. LOL
  10. Baitkiller

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    Akron, Ohio
    I've been sayin fer FLATHEADS one needs to make his own "LUCK" and ya better do everthing right!!

    "Join in the pursuit"!
  11. Fatkat

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    Blanchester, Ohio
    I caught a 25# Flatty while bait fishing, I'm sorry guys but I think that was just plain old good LUCK! lol:D
  12. gooboy

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    i always say "i'd rather be lucky than good anyday".

    but luck will only get you so far. to be good at anything; fishing, hunting, being a good husband, or whatever, it takes a lot of determination and hard work on your part. nothing worth having ever comes easy.
  13. nosnag

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    I personally do'nt believe in luck.What ever happens I chalk up to being my Destiny.(check Websters Dictionary):grin-big:

  14. WylieCat

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    "A blind squirrel will find a nut every now and then"

    That is luck.

    Catching a 34 pound Blue Catfish with a bobber, #6 hook and redworm.

    That is luck.

    Putting in the time to catch bait, rig a good set-up, target what should be a productive hole, and then catching a bunch of nice cats is not dumb luck. Just like there is "calculated risk", there is also "calculated luck".

    This morning I am going crappie fishing. I know nothing about crappie fishing. I am even going by myself. If I come back with 15 two pound crappies it is pure luck. Now, if I can duplicate what I learn this morning and do it over and over, then it is not luck. Heck, I will probably be able to write a book, but I think you get my point.

    If you are a spriitual person like myself then you might call luck a blessing from God.

    Having some good luck will make a good fisherman great, but counting on luck to catch fish will make an ordinary fisherman go hungry.
  15. Mountain Cur

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    Missouri, Warsaw
    Did I read "experience" and "luck" in the same sentence?

    I've found I have better "luck" when I apply the "experience" I have.

    "Experience" is knowing you've made the same mistake "again." Luck is NOT making the mistake.

    Good things happen, bad things happen. Learn from both.
  16. tank3544

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    Fredericksburg, VA
    man that was a great post jack

    there will always be luck involved .. several mentioned things like bait fishing and catching the catfish of a lifetime .. that is luck
    fishing next to my buddy all day and he catches all the fish no matter where he casts .. that is luck

    i like to do things to put things in my favor .. if i do what i need to do i can catch fish without considering luck .. things like:
    1. knowing the fish, studying their biology and movements .. hard to luck into a good catch if you know it should be there
    2. knowing my equipment .. practicing with my depth finder to know that, that symbol is definatly a big cat or knowing just where my drag is going to give fighting a big fish
    3. using the best equipment i can afford and keeping it maintained .. when the equipment is working as it should you can avoid BAD luck
    4. using fresh indigenous bait .. fresh bait they normally eat is sure to put the ball in your court
    5. studying the river .. knowing that a half mile down there's a boulder in 35ft of water next to a ledge that should hold fish
    there's many more but i'll bore you all to death

    doing all those things will sure put luck in your favor .. but you can't control the weather and you can't control the bite .. you can only do so much and let the rest up to nature .. sure there's luck but i like having most of it in my court
  17. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    I think there is a part of fishing that is luck. Sure you can stack the odds in your favor. How many times have you fished 2 rods right next to each other and out of them 2 rods only one of them rods catches fish. The other just sits there with the exact same stuff. Or you fish out of the same boat fishing the same spots with the same baits as your buddy. He catches all the fish and you don’t even get a bite all day. Do you call that luck or experience? Is it luck that the 40 pound blue right next to the 20 pound blue swims over and grabs your bait before the smaller fish.
  18. BigCatSteve

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    Huber Heights,Ohio
    I believe we put too much time into finding locations to fish and time getting our bait to say when we get the big one that its luck
  19. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca

    I always said "What Ever Happens - Happens"!

    Because for me it's all about being there for it to Happen to me! :)