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    Alright, I know we all have a few funny fishing stories in our minds that need to be shared. I'll share one of mine (out of 1,000 +- 100). I call it "Luck, Funny, More Luck, Fish"

    Well, my buddy and I were in high school and decided to take a trip to Alatoona river to do some catfishing behind the dam. Well, we had us about 3 dozen shiners, rod and reels, tackle boxes in tow, and the spirit of youth chasing the big cat. We get to the river and I head down with the bait - my buddy was still up at the truck getting all of our equipment. Well, I mosey on down to the river and noticed they had just stopped generating and there was this huge flat rock that looked like the perfect place to set up two chairs and catch some cats. Well, not really thinking about anything but catching fish I step on that rock, and yep, you guessed it, I went flying about 3 feet in the air. Now, as I was flying in the air I could see the bait fish flying in the air, fliiping there fins all around, just trying to get into the river - it was all in slow motion. So I try to do what anyone would do, I tried to catch the bucket, the old styrofoam type. Well, needless to say, I didn't catch it and it hit that rock with a thud, busted into thousands of tiny white pieces and all the bait went scrambling. LUCK - the rock was slanted towards the bank side and it had a little pocket of water in it and that's where all the bait fish landed.

    Well, I holler out to my buddy (who is STILL at the truck doing who knows what) and I mean I was hollering, hollering at him to bring the other bait bucket down so I could get these bait fish back in some water. Well, after what seemed like an eternity, he peers his head over the side of the hill and sees me scrambling to keep the bait fish in the little puddle of water. So now he starts cussing me, calling me every stupid name in the book. Now, he cussed me all the way back to the truck and called me every stupid/idiot name as he was coming down the hill with the other bait bucket. Now you think he would have figured out what happened to me especially because he was cussing me out and calling me an idiot etc. Well, .........
    he didn't, yep, you guessed it (FUNNY) - he stepped on that same rock, and yep you guessed it, went flying 3 feet in the air along with the bait bucket. So there I was, watching him fly in slow motion and thinking did he just do what I think he did? Well, he's a little bigger fellar than me and he didn't exactly break his fall but I thought he may have broke the rock.

    MORE LUCK - the other bait bucket he brought down did not break or crack and we were able to scoop up the bait, laugh like hell and get to what we went there to do ... fish!


    We ended up catching 3 fish that day. 2 flatheads and 1 blue.

    Good times like that I'll never forget.

    Now that buddy and I still fish together to this day - 16 years later. He is a member of the BOC and if he wants to rebuke any parts of this story, he can. I kind of hope he does, that way you will know who he is LOL!

    So there is my first funny story, hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will share one of yours so my buddy feels better!!!
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    Sounds like a good time and its a great story, thanks for sharing

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    Good story thanks for sharing it. The best part of it was NO ONE GOT HURT!! Except maybe a couple of EGO'S:roll_eyes: And you even got to catch some fish.:cool2:
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    LOL, that's funny stuff James. Thanks for the laugh.

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    haha i hope he replies i wanna hear his side of the story too:smile2: