LOZ/Pomme report 04-29 and 05-01

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    Fished up in the river area where the river flows into Pomme Lake Saturday night and caught 5 channel cats, biggest was 22 pounds. Caught the fish on fresh shad fishing in about 6-8 feet of water on a mud flat opposite of the main channel. Fished below Truman Dam last night, (between 65 Highway bridge and below the Swinging Bridge but don't want to be specific), caught 18 blues, biggest about 12 pounds. All fish were caught on fresh shad. Also, a first for me, casted into a current seam and was letting the bait drift on the bottom, large shad head, and something hammered it. I use 30 pound big game on 808 reels. Set the hook and this fish went upstream and never stopped with drag smoking. Tighened the drag as much as I could without killing the rod and it never slowed down. I was trying to free up the boat from the tree I was tied to when I ran out of line and POW, snapped it off. Had to be on hell of a fish. Biggest I've caught to date on these rods was a 62 pound flathead and this dude was a lot heavier whatever it was. Good luck everyone! Chris
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    ive had that happen to me once , its a strange feeling , in beaver lake 80lb line just spooled up day before pinn reel 12 inch shad , saw the fish on electronix. t never got its head turned spooled me off and i was chasing it on the t motor i was just amazed . but at least u know how it feels . thats a plus , good post . :big_smile:

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    I'll Take One Like That Any Day!