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    GPS/sonar. I was reading the mounting instructions on my new unit and talks about mounting the module in clear view of the sky. Does it have to be pointed strait up or can it be on an angle? next question, Can I put the unit in my truck and play with the GPS function with out damaging the sonar part? It talks in the book about temporally laying the module on the dash in an automobile. And last, where do you buy the MMC cards and how do I get the info from the unit to my Laptop computer? Thanks
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    I would think that if you mount the GPS module on a flat surface W/ a clear view of the sky it would wor best. you should be able to power up the unit in Your truck with no damage to the sonar side. You can get MMC cards at walmart, You will need a mmc card reader and download the product emulator to view the info on your computer

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    The GPS receiver needs to be mounted as flat as possible - put it on an angle and it won't have a "clear view of the sky."

    Get it away from obstacles as much as possible - test it out before you mount it permanently if there's any doubt. Fire up the unit and go to the satellite status page to see how many satellites it's seeing. The number in the top left corner - EPE - is your current Estimated Position Error and tells how accurate the current GPS position is compared to your "true" position. Smaller numbers are better so if you move the GPS receiver around and find a place where it gives a better EPE, that's a good place to mount it.

    You can pick up a *lot* of good information that will help you use your Lowrance better on Doc Samson's web site http://www.hightechfishing.com/home.html
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    To expand on Brad's post:
    The gps module needs to be pretty much flat to get the best reception, as long as it isn't blocked by metal it will work just fine. A bimini top, etc won't make a difference. It isn't recommended to mount the module near a vhf radio antenna either, although mine is and I haven't had a problem so far (I don't use the vhf a lot).
    In order to use the mmc card, you may need a card reader by lowrance, it comes with the Mapcreate software or can be purchased separately. I haven't had much luck getting my computer's card reader to work with the lowrance software, except for the sonar viewer. If you download the "sonar viewer" software from lowrance, you can play back the sonar recordings on your pc.
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    Thank You Sir. Cause this Dumb ol Meatcutter can use all the help I can get trying to figure My Unit Out.J.D.
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    Some good information with the posts.... I've heard that Lowrance is making a new "Map Create" and I'm not sure if it is out as of yet. As far as card readers, you need to have the Lowrance one to make the map create work properly.... as I've been told. I have down loaded "up grades to my 3500c unit GPS and use my photo card reader for this application.

    Bayrunner ray
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    The lowrance web site has tons of great info all for the taking.