Lowrance memory storage question

Discussion in 'Fish Finder Review and Study' started by mandingo, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. mandingo

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    i have an lms 337 that will not take anymore waypoints.when i hit WPT
    twice to make another one,it says i must delete existing waypoints to make anymore.what has me confused though is when i go to ''check free memory storage'' under the menu options,it says that i have only used 25% of total memory.has anyone else ever had this problem or know how to explain it?
  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    You must have an awful number of waypoints! The 337 can store up to 1000 waypoints, or up to 100 routes w/100 waypoints per route, not mention the trails The memory is used for more than just waypoints, you there may be some trails or routes that you don't need. Everything can be backed up to a memory card, of course, and reloaded later. :smile2: