lowrance differences?

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    i wanted to know what the real differences are in the lowrance 527 color GPS/Sonar, lcx 27c, lcx 28c, lcx 38hd... and so forth

    to me they all look like very similar color units with some difference in screen size or watts of peak to peak power but i just dont understand why theres as much as a $1000 difference in them.

    i just bought the lcx 27c to upgrade from the lms-160 ive had for years, i wanted the color, larger screen, water temp, and higher power. I was leaning toward the 527 but the lcx27c was on sale at cabelas for almost the same price and seemed to be the same identical unit with a little more power and a bigger screen.. is that what the $400 difference is in the 2 units?

    I have no doubt ill be getting a better set up then i had, but is it a $700 difference from the one i had?
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    Yep, you said it in your post. So, tell us your opinion, Rob, now that you've had it a little while. I'd venture to say that you think it's worth the difference. :smile2: How about an update?

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    I would think the pixel count determines quite a bit about the price. When I first started looking into these units about 8 to 10 years ago, a 480 X 480 count was the largest you could find, and color was just coming out. Now a color, 480 pixel unit is just about standard. Cheaper units are available, but you generally get what you pay for also.