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Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by channelin, May 11, 2009.

  1. channelin

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    Baldwin City Kansas
    Just wondering if anybody has any trouble with the 520c losing gps signal? Mine can be fine for a few trips then it will say signal lost and wont get our position for the rest of the day. Just looking for some input! thanks..
  2. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    I don't know if it will help in your case, but I had a problem like that once, figured out it was too close to another higher powered unit, and that would cancel out the signal. I relocated the gps unit a few more inches from the other unit and solved my problem. Also being too close to a vhf radio antenna can do it if the radio is used to transmit.
    These not being the case, then after cleaning all connections, making sure you cables aren't too close to other wiring, you may have a bad gps module, in which case the only alternative may be to give Lowrance a call. Hope you get it figured out.

  3. 1mickymoo

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    try checking the connection. My 522 has internal antena, but once I lost transducer signal, freaked me out, just reattatched connector and fine.