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    Gore, Okla
    I ran into my local boat mechanic at the barber shop this afternoon. He had just taken delivery of a brand new Dodge Diesel 1 ton dually pickup with all the whistles and bells. After passing plesantries, I had to ask him how business was...

    He asked me to thank each and every boater I knew for supporting him and his family by running the Arkansas River on plane during flood stage. It seems that he's currently 6 weeks behind in replacing and rebuilding lower units in his shop. He can replace your prop within 2 weeks.

    He paid cash for his new Dodge pickup from the repairs he's done since the flood stage began on the Arkansas River in May, 2007. It don't take long to pile up a lot of loot when the replacement of a lower unit can cost upwards of $3,000.00.

    I for one have boycotted the Arkansas River... I will not take my boat out into the river until it goes down to normal levels and the trees stop rolling down the river. I stay on the tributaries and small lakes now...
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    Thanks albert for good info on the high rivers and all is so true.
    It also stands true For low water also that leaves stumps right below the surface of the water.
    Good post albert