Lower unit 66 40hp WestBend/Chrysler

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by justwannano, Jan 23, 2008.

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    When I posted that I needed a lower unit for my outboard one of the BOC members Eurolarva came foreward with a unit for me. Thanks again Ralph.
    I thought I had everything under control but when I kept asking the guy who was gonna work on it how he was doing he hadn't touched it. Thats 3 months ago.
    Anyway I now have the thing at my house. Still needs work so I guess I'm gonna have to do it.
    I've a couple of questions even before starting.
    This is a aluminum housing so how much torque do I give the mounting bolts. My original problem was the bolts came loose and the upper and lower gearcase housing seperated.
    Also one of the bearing cage ears bolts came loose and as the prop hit it it broke the ear off the cage.
    Thats 5 loose bolts. Barely finger tight.
    So how much torque do I use and how about using locktite.

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    i'm new to the site but may i suggest that you get a engine manual for your particular motor and it will have all torque specification for the entire motor and exploded veiws of all the internal parts of the motor and lower unit, i know i bought one for mine and it is money well spent.........Mike

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    Not sure on the torque specs, but if they came loose, I would check the threads in the part of the housing they were threaded into. If they worked loose and vibrated around, they might have wallered out the threads.

    You should be able to use Loc-Tite, but get the least aggressive. Not sure which color that is, but you can ask where you buy it. They have 3 or 4 "grades" mildest being the easiest to disassemble in the future and strongest being pretty much permananent:wink:

    Good Luck!